the adding machine

StandUp Productions Presents
By Elmer Rice
Directed by Jake Lebowitz

October 1-4, 2015
Pace University

Stage Managed by Repole
Assistant Directed by Andrew Mullins
Production Managed by Madelyn Wiley
Production Assistant Managed by Nicholas Mayfield
Scenic Design and Properties Design by Shane Lowry
Lighting Design by Griffin Proctor
Costume Design by Hunter William Clark
Movement by Jackie Rosenstein
Sound Design by Jake Lebowitz
Assistant Stage Managed by Griffin Schmackpfeffer

Mr. Zero: Alec Kirazian
Mrs. Zero: Maggie Metnick
Daisy: Mesa Melton
Shrdlu: Elly Silberstein
Charles: Hannah Sikora
Mr. One/Young Man: Bradley Levine
Mrs. One/Judy: Devin McCall
Mr. Two/Joe: Matthew Malloy
Mrs. Two: Anastasia Beliakova